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Takes a specification and translates the model variable names into Eurostat codes. Also adds the Eurostat dataset identifier from which the variable is extracted.


translate_variables(specification, dictionary = NULL)



A tibble or data.frame with one column named 'dependent' that contains the LHS (Y) variables and one column named 'independent' that contains the RHS (x) variables, separated by + and - . Column 'type' should specify whether the dependent variable is endogenous by modelling ("n") or endogenous by accounting definition ("d").


A tibble or data.frame storing the model variable names in a column named 'model_varname' and the corresponding Eurostat variable code in 'eurostat_code'. When NULL, the default dictionary is used.


Returns a tibble or data.frame as the input specification with two added columns for the model variable name (model_varname) and the dataset identifier (dataset_id).