Welcome to my personal website

I am a Climate and Environmental Economist and currently hold the Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship financed by the Einstein Foundation in Berlin. I have obtained a DPhil (PhD) in the field of Climate Econometrics from the University of Oxford and am currently based at the Faculty of Economics and Management at TU Berlin and the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research (PIK) as well as the Climate Econometrics research group at the University of Oxford and the Austrian Ministry of Finance in Vienna. In my research, I focus on environmental economics and the econometric estimation of future economic impacts of climate change, while further research interests include the effectiveness of climate and environmental policy, especially carbon pricing based mitigation policy.

In my research, I make ample use of econometric time series and panel methods and contribute to the development of open-source estimation software, such as the gets R-package and the getspanel R-package. More recently, I have been developing the aggregate.model R package together with my co-authors.

During my DPhil studies, I was based at the School of Geography and Environment. I remain associated with the Climate Econometrics project at Nuffield College as well as with the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School and the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.

As a Clarendon Scholar, my DPhil was supported by the Clarendon Fund, while my research is supervised by Prof Sir David F Hendry and Prof Cameron Hepburn.

You can find my publication list here.